Shane Cunningham

IT Support Engineer

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Completed a Software Developer Internship with One Touch Telecare to complement my IT skills and knowledge. Also Completed a Higher Diploma in Software Design and Development with MCSA. With four years experience as a system administrator for E-commerce websites and a sound understanding of configuring and installing Microsoft and Linux servers. Highly skilled in creating visual user guides to reduce IT support requests.

I was previously engaged in a software internship developer internship with Sidero Ltd which included testing software and servers during a system upgrade. My greatest strengths are being able to write Java programs in accordance with a brief, investigate and analyse defects. I consider myself to be a result-oriented, dependable, and capable worker; who is not easily affected by job stress and will be a strong asset to your department and organisation in a variety of duties. I am certainly receptive to any company training and I am a fast learner in any on the job training situation if required.



Level 2 Information Technology Support Engineer

Daily duties and Responsibilities, Provide 2nd line technical support, Answering support queries via phone, email and chat. Work with Office 365, Exchange, Active Directory , Backup , Infrastructure, Azure. Install and configure POS, PC, Routers


Junior Software Developer

Development tasks such as development, Migrating Websites. Using technologies such as PHP and MySQL, including frameworks (Laravel), Vue.js, Jquery, Javascript and Amazon web services

One Touch Telecare

Junior Software Developer

Development tasks such as development, Migrating Websites to latest stack, Update Websites. Using technologies such as PHP and MySQL, including frameworks (Laravel), Vue.js, Jquery, Javascript and Hetzner

Sidero Ltd

Software Developer Intern

In the high availability team is responsible for ensuring this telecom management service is available and operational for no less than “five 9’s”.

Avaya Ireland

Software Developer Intern

Developments tasks including coding, debugging, and documentation of application programs Avaya Contact Recorder logging tool which was a six-month project. This program parsed large log files by using a search string, this will extract logs by either using time stamps or Nth line above/below. This then writes the parsed lines into a new log file. It was written in such an open way that it can be used for other common log files.

Zenimax Online Ireland

Technical Support Assistant

Identify, troubleshoot and resolve issues raised by customers via live chat and email Investigate and communicate reports of service outages Educate and inform customers accurately and proactively about the products and its terms of use


Part time System Administrator

Researched and developed the Company’s e-commerce website Managed customer support tickets and enhanced customer experience Maintained and updated the servers and websites such as Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Apache, MySQL, Varnish, Ubuntu, Lightppd, and Nginx. Brought in a redesign project of the website under cost and one month early, saving the company €4000.

Rostaff property developments

Carpenter and General duties

Constructed and repaired building frameworks and structures—such as stairways, doorframes, partitions, and rafters—made from wood and other materials.


  • Follow blueprints and building plans to meet the needs of clients
  • Construct building frameworks, including wall studs, floor joists, and doorframes
  • Help erect, level, and install building framework with the aid of rigging hardware

Apprentice Carpenter

Carpenter and General duties

Carry out tasks related to the building, construction and joinery trades, under the supervision of a qualified tradesman/instructor and consistent with apprenticeship year level. Attend off the job trade school to complete learning and assessment outcomes required for a carpentry apprenticeship.


National University of Ireland Galway

Sept 2016 - Sept 2017

Higher Diploma in Software Design and Development (Industry Stream)

Decided to do a course in Software Design and Development to improve my skills in Software engineering. Awarded with Second class honours as a result of an impeccable record.

Modules Pertinent to Current Interests

Galway Mayo Institute of Technology

Sept 2010 - Sept 2011

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Information Technology Support


Galway Mayo Institute of Technology

Sept 2008 - Sept 2010

Higher Certificate in Information Technology Support

Galway Technical Intitute

Sept 2006 - Sept 2007

Electronic Technology Award


Weather Android App

This android weather connects to a Darksky Weather JSON feed and parses the current weather in the current location of the phone. It displays cloud cover and what the chances of rain are the next hour.

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Weather Widget

This is a weather widget written in PHP using Darksky API and using Javascript photo carousel to rotate through the days of the week, it also get uses an IP API to get your location which is used to get your rough location within 20-30 kms.

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