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Basic Weather Widget

Basic Weather Widget

This is a PHP website that connects to Dark sky API to get current weather conditions and a 5-day weather forecast and display it as a responsive web page. it uses the IP address sent to the web server as a request which is then sent to Ip loc API which sent back the latitude and longitude(20-30 km accuracy) of the Requester.

The libraries and API used in this project were:

Link to Github repo

array(337.5, 22.5),
‘NE’ => array(22.5, 67.5),
‘E’ => array(67.5, 112.5),
‘SE’ => array(112.5, 157.5),
‘S’ => array(157.5, 202.5),
‘SW’ => array(202.5, 247.5),
‘W’ => array(247.5, 292.5),
‘NW’ => array(292.5, 337.5)
// for statement to convert degree to wind direction eg west
foreach ($cardinalDirections as $dir => $angles) { // convert degrees into wind direction => is separator, key value pair
if ($bearing >= $angles[0] && $bearing < $angles[1]) { // if bearing greater than/equal and less than , // then set direction to = dir $direction = $dir; break; } } return $direction; } $direction = degreeToString($bearing); // calls the degree to string function //Daily Forecast $dailySummary = $resultsDark['daily']['summary']; $dailyIcon = $resultsDark['daily']['icon']; $dailyCond = array(); foreach ($resultsDark['daily']['data'] as $d) { // for loop through array to find Key daily and value data, // set that as a new array dailycond $dailyCond[] = $d; } foreach ($dailyCond as $cond) { $wTempHigh = round($cond['temperatureMax']); $wTempLow = round($cond['temperatureMin']); $wTime = $cond['time']; $wIcon = $cond['icon']; }[/php][/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

Securing your online account

Securing your online account

Internet usage is most common in every PC be it your personal computer or at the office. Security is the first thing that anyone would be concerned about as internet connectivity has its own pros and cons and hacking is one of the most important concerns for most of the PC users. Now, PC users can be relieved of these concerns as below given are some simple steps which they can easily adapt and get their computers and online accounts secured.

Removal of the pre-installed software and apps:

With the recent Man-in-the-middle attack in the Lenovo computers, the pre-installed apps and software really seem to be very dangerous. Most of the times it is just a bloatware unless the user really has some use of all these apps and software hence getting rid of this definitely safeguards the computer against any security threat. Further, it is better to get rid of any pseudo antiviruses accompanied with the new computer.

Choosing a secured web browser:

This is an important task as most of the malicious malware comes through the web browser. Setting the right web browser is essential because the correct web browser can help the user to safeguard against all the malware and also help the user to use their computer to the best. Depending upon the age of computer and the device that is being used, the user needs to choose the correct web browser. Further, Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers which provides additional security via Sandbox feature. If the user wants to add further features they can use the Mozilla Firefox extensions also. Basically, the user needs to know what they want from their browser then check the features and check if the browser meets their requirement then start using that browser. (more…)

Android Weather App using Darksky API

Android Weather App using Darksky API

Weather forecast data from a free API provided by The android app then parses the data (in JSON format) and display it in a single-page app. it also can handle errors and situations when the network is unavailable.

Features used in this project are:

  1. Networking
  2. OkHttp
  3. DarkSky API
  4. Parsing JSON feed
  5. DialogFragment