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Enable a archive mailbox in Exchange online.

Enable archive mailboxes in Exchange Online

Create a local adminstrator in Window 10

How to setup a local administrator in windows 10 using PowerShell.

Datatables Pagination using Ajax

PHP tutorial will help you create jquery Datatable 1.10.16 using a Bootstrap 3.3.7. with pagination.

Weather Widget

A simple PHP website that connects to Dark sky API to get local current weather conditions

How to whisper on mumble

How to whisper on mumble

These Guides will show you how to configure and use the whisper feature on Mumble. Video Guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3HI9R4LVts Written Guide Follow these Steps: 1. Click on Configure mumble and then click on "Settings." 2. Click on Shortcuts." 3. Click...

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Mumble MOTD

Mumble MOTD

Mumble MOTD: Message of the day MOTD Mumble.ini Message of the day, Example on how to make a Message of the Day (MOTD) on a Mumble server. Instead of welcometext="Welcome to this server running Murmur." Full Murmur.ini guide HTML Examples in the Mumble.ini Example...

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